Do you follow a templated model? 

No, each business and business owner and leader is different; there is no one model fits all. Your sessions are tailored to what you need on that day and depending on what’s happening it may be a coaching call or it maybe a mentoring call or a it of both. I do have a signature system that I use of Mirror, Lens, Laser but it’s not a model. 

Do we meet in person or virtually? 

This very much depends on you and where you’re based; in person sessions are very powerful and the best way to build rapport but I do understand you may prefer to meet via Zoom or Teams. 
My preference when working with a new client would always be to have at least the first session in person. 
If we do meet in person, I always suggest meeting away from your workplace so that it’s uninterrupted and gives you the freedom to talk more openly. 
All in person meetings are held at independent coffee shops and cafés where possible but somewhere that’s not too noisy; it’s important that we’re both comfortable with the surroundings. 
The peer led mastermind group sessions are always delivered in person and where someone also has one to one sessions these can be virtual or in person; depending on timing and preference. 

How do I get started? 

If you already know me and my work or feel that we are a good fit and want to explore a little more then please send me a message either or call and we can discuss which option would be best for you – working on a one to one basis or joining the peer led mastermind group. It’s as simple as that. 
But you might prefer to try an introductory session before you commit to working with me on a longer term. These conversations are approximately 45 minutes long and allows us to explore one thing together that you wish to work on whether its your business, your business life or your personal development. You’ll get more clarity about the topic and you will experience my tried and tested Mirror Lens Laser model and understand about how I work. At the end of the conversation we can discuss what happens next and we’ll know if we are going to be a good fit. To book an introductory unlocking conversation please click on the button below – the cost for the session is £150. 

How long would we work together? 

For the sustainable transformation that clients wish to achieve and to do the deep work together I would normally ask someone to commit to a minimum of 6 months – this might be meeting monthly for up to 2 hours or fortnightly for up to an hour for each session depending on the client and their preference. 
However, the majority of my clients have worked with me for more than 2 years where we have worked on a range of issues together on many different aspects of their personal and business development and their business life and there have been many different transformations in that time – some quite literally life changing and others less. 
Some come back to work with me every couple of years for an extended period of time. 
Occasionally someone might ask me to work with them on a specific matter for just a few sessions – we would scope out beforehand what the outcomes would be and how many sessions they want. This could be perhaps to help with a project or on accountability. 
If someone wishes to join the peer led mastermind group, this is a 6 month commitment. 

Does it matter what size my business is? 

Most of my clients have a turnover of between £1m and £10m but I have worked with clients with a greater turnover and some with far less but who are looking at significant expansion and change. 
Occasionally I’ll work with sole traders but mostly people have a number of employees, 5+ who are looking to expand or more than 20 employees up to several hundred or more. 

What stage of business do you work with? 

Many of the businesses I work with have been trading for 10 years or more and well established where the client is thinking about what’s more or what’s next for the business, or for them in their personal or business life. 
I do work with younger businesses or start ups where there’s something specific they wish to address such as team building, communication between founders and the advisory board, managing the transition from stage of the business to the next and the implications this may have for team members. 

When is a good time to start talking? 

It’s easy to say anytime but mostly clients contact me when they feel that something isn’t quite right, they are feeling disconnected from the business or disengaged – on a day to day basis not having any real enthusiasm for taking the business forward and simply going through the motions or at a cross roads and note sure what to do next, or want to take the next bold step and want some guidance and support to shape that and achieve it. 
Clients may choose to work with me on a one to one basis or to join my peer led mastermind group with one to one coaching. 

What is the peer led mastermind group? 

The peer led mastermind group is for leaders who want to do business differently bringing together a small number of likeminded business owners and leaders to discuss their challenges, growth ideas, strategy, systems, and teams or the next steps for themselves, their business lives and the business. 

What tools do you use when working with clients? 

We have what I call unlocking conversations - unlocking your own wisdom, your ideas, your creativity, the permission for you to do things differently, to take action that might not be the perceived norm, your full potential, the full potential of your business life and the full potential of the business. 
And in those conversations, I use my tried and tested system: 
Mirror Lens Laser. 

Why is accountability so important? 

It’s very simple, for change and transformation to happen you will be open to exploring what’s more and what’s next for you and your business and to take a step back and look at your business and business life in a different way. 
And for you to achieve that you must be accountable for taking the actions we’ve agreed and whether in one to one sessions or the peer led mastermind group. Without taking action nothing happens and nothing changes and you’ll just stay where you are or even go backwards. 
So be that action taker, be committed to making the changes and accountable to yourself to do so. 

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