Like many people who move out of corporate world the business was initially based on my professional skills. 

Initially the work was a mix of strategic, technical, system and process reviews and audits, plus some project management specifically around employment tax, payroll, HR and expenses systems, team structure, system improvements. 
But after a while I realised that each client and each piece of work incorporated an element of coaching and or mentoring of the teams I was working with plus the senior managers and directors in the organisation. Clients found my unique ability to get close to detail and at the same time take a more high level very beneficial and I found they simply wanted me around. 

My presence had a significant beneficial impact on the projects, teams and people and was reflected in the feedback I received. 

It was as much about the changes in the people and the team as the outcome of a particular project. On many occasion it was as if the agreed outcome was a given and so almost secondary to the far reaching benefits experienced by the people and the teams. Which of course in turn realised even greater benefits for the organisation. 

Continual Development 

As my interest in coaching and mentoring grew, I sought out the best in these fields to understand how they work with their clients, and learn how best to work with my clients. 
My learning and development is a continuing process – in fact it’s a lifelong process. I believe every coach and mentor should have their own coaches and mentors. And I often work with at least two a year. 
My work is mostly conversations with people. Powerful conversations that bring clarity, greater connection with themselves, their business, and their teams, allowing creativity to take place, and for people to connect with their wisdom and make the decisions that will bring about sustainable and conscious change for them and their business. I call these unlocking conversations™. 

So What Next? 

Simply call or WhatsApp 07770 752535 to book a review session and discuss how you and I can have a powerful unlocking conversation together. 
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