I have called them unlocking conversations for many years 

It’s about unlocking your own wisdom, your ideas, your creativity, the permission for you to do things differently, to take action that might not be the perceived norm, your full potential, the full potential of your business life and the full potential of the business. 
I always ask new clients to complete a short questionnaire before our first session. This gives me an idea of where they are, how they got there, what they are feeling, what they would like to achieve, their greatest successes so far and their vision for the future. 
Sometimes they surprise themselves when they start writing this down and once we’ve been working together for a few months it changes but it’s always a useful starting point and conversation started. 

It's about moving forward 

Meetings take place either in person or virtually and I’ll often follow up during the month and often start with a what’s happened since we last met and how they feel about it.  
Sometimes there’s big stuff and sometimes it's just the everyday stuff but they are always about moving forward. Sometimes they drop quite big bombshells where they have made a significant decision and those truly warm my heart as they have given themselves the permission to unlock something that’s really important to them. 

I have a tried and tested system that I use – Mirror, Lens and Laser. 


I will reflect back what the clients have said – to check in that is what they really mean; hearing it from someone else can sound quite different and helps people to really think about what they are saying. And sometimes to get more clarity and detail on the subject. 


We then out things under a magnifying glass so that we can see the detail and explore that further. 


And the last part of the process is to laser in on specifics… it could be perceived barriers, letting stuff simply get in the way, a story that’s being told, more clarity needed, more information needed… there’s no one thing fits all and we simply work through things together. 
I’ll be honest sometimes that work is deep and hard and other times it's much easier, but the deep work is where the magic and shift really happens. 
It's easy to see when people have had light bulb moments in a session, their physiology changes, as does their voice and their energy. And sometimes I can tell at the start of a session for the same reason as the aha moments and the shift happen between the sessions you process, assimilate and have the space to think. 
My role to hold the space and build trust, facilitate the conversations, share my wisdom, insights and experience as appropriate and most importantly consciously listen without judgement. 
Your role is to be open to possibilities and options, to speak openly and honestly, take a step back from your business and business life and look at it from different perspectives and be accountable for the actions that you agree to take. 

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