Hi, I’m Yvette Lamidey,  An Executive Coach and Mentor, some might even call me a Business Life Coach 

I help business owners to truly see what they want for themselves and their businesses and how they can step up to be truly conscious business leaders. 
Moving from stuck, perhaps unsure, and for some even bored to consciously leading their business, changing the way they do business with a clear vision for themselves and the business and to know and feel that through taking action it will be achievable. 

Helping business owners to be consciously in their business. 

Why business life coach? Because your business life and what you personally want to experience and achieve in your business life is as important as the business development. Experience shows that where a business owner isn’t giving this time and energy they are often bored in their business, not fully enjoying what they’re doing and may even not fully engaged. 
I use my wisdom and insights to help clients see the possibilities and identify the strategies for the business and their business life goals – I’m a problem solver. 

Being open minded & ready to explore possibilities 

Running a business can be a lonely place with few people to turn to, to share ideas with and, to explore their thinking with. I hold the space for them to explore, to understand and to then take the best action in the way that’s right for them and their business. 
These actions may not always conform to the perceived norm, or as some would say the safe norm, but it is true to the values of the business owner and the business. They will have thought it through and fully understand the impact on the business, the people in the business, clients and suppliers and the wider impact. 
There is no judgement. It’s stepping back to consciously see and understand, being open minded, being ready to explore possibilities, being prepared to observe, being prepared to do the deep work and go within. 
This creates lasting and sustainable change for the business owners and leaders, the people in the business, clients and others… it’s a ripple effect. 
Few coaches and mentors truly consider the person and the business and rarely put the person at the heart of the work they do together. 

My Promise to You 

You’ll have clarity on what more you want for yourself and your business and what’s next. Together we’ll develop a clear vision and pathway for you to achieve this. You’ll be able to clearly communicate the vision and the pathway. 
Personally, you will grow and develop your thinking allowing you to shape and consciously grow the business and be comfortably non-conformist to old business norms, shaping and implementing the business ethos that feels right and is right for you and the business. 

My Values 

Trust, Wisdom, Compassion, Support 

My Personality 

Thoughtful, Kind, Considerate, From the Heart 
Ready to unlock the potential in your business? Contact me today 
Ready to unlock the potential in your business? Contact me today 
Ready to unlock the potential in your business? Contact me today 
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