“It’s easy to develop a strategy when you come from the place of heart because that’s where the magic happens” 
How do I know this? … because clients tell me and I too can see the shifts from session to session, some small but important and others are nothing less than seismic, life changing, and these shifts continue to develop and unfold as we work together. 
I work with conscious business leaders and owners who have businesses with a heart, that are kind, always thinking of the impact they make. 
Clients and I work together on a one to one basis or in a small group of handpicked business owners and leaders who are members of my Peer Led Mastermind group. 
These business leaders are often striving to be the standard setters for their sector; they no longer want to do business in the way that business has always been done. They want to grow their teams to be values based conscious leaders and support each person to realise their own personal and business goals. 
How businesses have worked in the past isn’t how they’ll work in the future to achieve sustainable growth, sustainable profit and sustainable resilience in the business, the business leader and the people. The way that you and your business have worked will change. 
So be the leader and the owner of that change, why not book a conversation with me to see how we could work together to make that change? 
You might feel that just now it’s best to maintain a status quo, since at least it’s delivering some results, but that’s hard work. It usually means managing more, often squeezing costs, constant monitoring and all too often getting involved in the detail. 
Which doesn’t allow time to think, to plan, or to have a clear head. Instead, it stifles you and it stifles the business. And in turn means that when trying to get the headspace to think and to plan often creates a feeling of overwhelm not one of clarity and excitement. 
The potential ideas that you have for the business and your business life, the what’s more and what’s next remain that… potential - unleashed, and untapped potential. But together we can change all that, why not book a conversation with me now? 

Services I Provide 

I provide a range of services from one to one executive mentoring and coaching, working with all the board or senior management team as a group and on an individual basis, half and full day strategy sessions, accountability sessions, training for the core team or my peer led mastermind group. 
There is no one size fits all. Everything is bespoke for you and tailored to you needs and the business needs. 
The underlying approach is always my signature unlocking conversations, using the mirror, lens, laser technique that I’ve developed and proved over the years. 

Unlocking Conversations - introductory session 

Price £150 
Many of my clients are people that I’ve known for some time and so we have already developed a relationship but I appreciate if you don’t know me and how I work you may not want to commit to an initial three-month coaching agreement. 
It’s important for both of us to make sure that we are a good fit and that we trust each other, after all if we work together we will be doing some deep work and you’ll be sharing personal and business information during the course of our sessions. And for that reason I’ve introduced these introductory sessions. 
You’ll complete the same pre coaching questionnaire as my other clients before the session, that way I’ll know a little more about you and your business and it can be a useful conversation starter. 
We’ll use the time in the introductory session to talk about one thing that you’d like to explore further for you, your business life or the business. 
I’ll hold the safe space for you to talk and share without judgement and we'll use my signature mirror, lens and laser system during the unlocking conversation. 
You will have greater clarity, think more consciously about the things we discussed, and have an agreed strategy or actions to take having spent 45 minutes or so consciously working on that one thing for you and your business without interruption. 
At the end of the session I’ll ask you what actions you are committed to take and the time frame that you’ll do this in. 
I’ll also ask you if you’d like to work together going forward. There’s absolutely no obligation from you to do so; if we have worked well together and you feel it would benefit you, your business life and the business to do so that would be great. However, if you feel that it’s not right for you or you’ve already got all you need that’s good too. It has to be right for you and your business and well as a good fit for both of us. 
Either way I’ll still check in with you a couple of weeks later to see who you’ve got on with those actions you’ve committed to. 
To book your unlocking conversation click the button below to go to my calendar. 

Leadership Development 

Over the years I have worked with boards and board members, senior management teams, and whole teams in corporates, public and third sector plus smaller businesses. 
This can vary from facilitating sessions on mission, values or product development and strategy. From individual coaching sessions to facilitating board away days and development sessions, interactive workshops on communication, having difficult conversations, and team development. Or re mapping an appraisal system or re forming the recruitment and onboarding process. 
Each assignment has been varied and wide and all sessions are tailor made for the business and the needs of the client. 
These can take place in person or virtually although some of the work is much more effective in person than virtually and follow-up sessions can be arranged if desired. 
These can take place in person or virtually although some of the work is much more effective in person than virtually and follow up sessions can be arranged if desired. 
Individuals are re-connected, re-engaged and re-invigorated. Teams and boards work better together and collaborate and communicate more effectively. And the business as a whole performs better. 
Proposals for leadership development and other workshops are developed after a conversation to fully understand the needs of the business and the current situation. It is important that the right people take part in this initial stage and that the right people take part in the sessions. 
Interested to find out more? Contact me today. 

Executive coaching and mentoring 

It all starts with a brief questionnaire and an initial conversation to understand where you are now, how you feel about that, what is it that you want to explore or change or do and what difference that will make to you, your business life and the business, what challenges you’ve encountered and what you’ve learnt from them, short, medium and long plans and goals for you, your business life and the business. 
Through conversations, listening, reflecting back, asking questions, answering questions and being open to different possibilities, different ways to do things, committing to the deep work and being accountable for taking what might be bold action but always conscious and considered action we work together to find the solutions, talk through options, and explore opportunities and strategies that will bring about the transformation that you’re looking for and make a tangible difference to you, your business life and the business. 
Sometimes the aha moments and break through happens in the session, sometimes between sessions when you have time to process and assimilate and other times they are more subtle and you only realise that it's happened as we talk. 
I hold the safe space for you to do this whether in person or virtually and it's always without judgement. 
Some of the clients that I’ve worked with had plans for them and their business that were 5 years or more in the future and after working together that timeline has significantly reduced and they have more clarity and can see ways they can make it happen. Other times we can find a solution that gives them most of what they wanted much more quickly and they feel much better about the final part taking longer. 
Other clients have made life-changing decisions when they’ve realised that what’s more and what’s next for them and their business isn’t what they had thought they wanted. It’s always the clients that have made the changes, done the work, taken action, re-evaluated things. I ask the questions, reflect back what they’ve said, put things under the magnifying glass and then laser in on the areas they want to work on or where we can see that change can happen and help them to unlock their future, their future business life and the business. 
All of them have experienced transformations but they have committed to doing the deep work and to taking action even when that’s felt uncomfortable and out of their comfort zone at the time. 
I ask all clients to commit to at least 6 sessions, whether these are twice a month or monthly and many of them work with me for longer than that as they value having an independent person to work with and value the results and the transformation they achieve. 
Interested to find out more? Contact me today. 

Peer Led Mastermind Group 

The peer led mastermind group is for business leaders who want to do business differently; it brings together a small number of likeminded business owners and leaders to discuss their challenges, growth ideas, strategy, systems, and teams or the next steps for themselves, their business lives and the business. 
You will be openminded and ready for change, open to challenges on your thinking and sometimes your actions, willing to explore possibilities and prepared to observe the business you work in, and yourself, from a different perspective. 
You’ll get support, clarity, and solutions in the sessions from your peers and me including through the monthly one to one mentoring. We’ll create a safe space for you each to talk openly and honestly; discussing challenges and growth ideas, exploring possibilities, and identifying solutions and different ways of working, thinking, and acting to create lasting change for you, your business life, the business, the team, and your clients. 
Your peers in the group will be both a sounding board and an advisory board. 

Why peer led? 

A lot of the challenges and experiences you’re going through or the ideas you’re contemplating your peers will have gone through or be going through or have been contemplating as well. Your peers have a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom to share and so do you. Together we are much stronger. 
Having different types of personalities and people will make the experience all the richer. Each brings something different to the table. 

What's in it for you? 

A space where you can talk confidentiality, without judgement, about any aspect of your business or your business life. Where you can explore possibilities, observe what’s happening in your own business from an outside perspective, a space to think, a space to problem solve and create lasting change for you, your business life, and the business. 
You will gain insight and clarity, you will have access to range of ideas, skills and knowledge that you don’t have in the business, you will be motivated to take action and be accountable, you will feel more empowered. 
If you are interested, please complete the application form at the link below or email yvette@lamidey.com to book a call if you have further questions. 
There will only be one space per industry in each of the groups. 

Contact Me today 

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