Are you open-minded and ready for change? 

You will be open-minded and ready for change, open to challenges on your thinking and sometimes your actions, willing to explore possibilities and prepared to observe the business you work in, and yourself, from a different perspective. 
By stepping back, you find the answers, at times together we’ll take the helicopter view of your business and other times we'll laser in on the detail. Together we are much stronger and more effective than as individuals and that makes the problem solving and the creativity so much more powerful. It’s where the magic happens. 
You’ll get support, clarity, and solutions in the sessions from your peers and me and through the monthly one to one mentoring. We’ll create a safe space for you each to talk openly and honestly; discussing challenges and growth ideas, exploring possibilities, and identifying solutions and different ways of working, thinking, and acting to create lasting change for you, your business life, the business, the team, and your clients. 
Your peers in the group will be both a sounding board and an advisory board. 

Why peer led 

A lot of challenges and experiences you’re going through or the ideas you’re contemplating your peers will have gone through or be going through or have been contemplating as well.  
Your peers have a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom to share and so do you. There’s an energy about being together and working together that brings clarity, creativity, collaboration. Together we are much stronger. 
Having different types of personalities and people will make the experience all the richer so I’m encouraging strategists, creatives, innovators, mavericks, risk takers, risk avoiders, thinkers, big picture and big ideas creators, detail lovers, perfectionists, starter finishers, collaborators, and ideas people to join the group. Each will bring something different to the table so together we are a brilliant blend of people to help you and support you. 

Why me? 

I use my wisdom and insights to help clients see the possibilities and the strategies for their business and their business life goals. 
I hold the space for them to explore and understand and then take the conscious action that’s right for them, so it’s aligned to their values and their business values which may not be the perceived norm but is aligned to who they are, what they are and where they are whilst consciously considering the impact it will have on the people in the business, the clients, the suppliers and wider. 
I have created my own framework for the peer led mastermind group bringing together the experience gained from different mastermind groups I’ve belonged to over the years as a well as contributor to and a facilitator of other mastermind groups. 
Having been an outlier for many years, and knowing there are different ways of doing business, that making decisions consciously where I consider the impact on clients, suppliers and the wider community though openly living my values and being considerate, thoughtful, kind, and compassionate in the actions I take and how I behave I want to help others be confident and to do that for themselves and their business. 

Why you? 

Being a business owner and leader is often lonely and can be tough at times and now more so than ever and smaller businesses rarely have a board to support them. And, as you know, it’s not always appropriate to share with your team what’s playing on your mind. 
You’ve probably been working in the business for some time and whilst the day-to-day things are working well you’ve got a feeling that you could be doing things differently, you could be doing more, you could be making more of an impact. 
You might even be a little bored and not feeling as engaged or connected or excited about the business as you used to do. Let’s face it the last 2 years has been tough on us all. And you want to get back that drive, that passion, that connection, that excitement and challenge that you had at the start. 
You have probably allowed the day-to-day activities to take up your thinking time, your strategising and your creativity time. Of course, the business plans and the budgets are being done but what activities are there which will allow you to personally develop and grow within the business that in turn helps the business to grow and develop? 
For some of you, you feel that you aren’t being challenged in a way that feels good, that fully engages you and you want to feel differently and feel better. 

What's in it for you? 

A space where you can talk confidentiality, without judgement, about any aspect of your business or your business life. To be able to explore possibilities, observe what’s happening in your own business from an outside perspective, a space to think, a space to problem solve and create lasting change for you, your business life, the people in the business and your clients 
An opportunity to meet and work with like minded business leaders and owners tapping into their experience, knowledge, wisdom, creativity and expertise. 
There’s an energy created when a group with a mix of different people and personalities meet and they are your own team of professionals looking at your business from different perspectives – trouble shooting, challenging you, playing devil’s advocate as they reflect back what they see and hear - all in a safe space and without judgement. 
Having a group of people who can support you is invaluable and just like having your own board. 
Support to further develop your vision of what’s next and what’s more for you and your business and have actionable plans to achieve those goals - often more quickly that you originally thought. 
You will gain insight and clarity, you will have access to range of ideas, skills and knowledge that you don’t have in the business, you will be motivated to take action and be accountable, you will feel more empowered. 

How does it work? 

• We will meet, in person, once a month for a morning. 
• We’ll work together on a topic, using the specially designed workbooks, that will benefit you and the business - a mix of business and personal development. And you’ll commit to the actions you’re going to take. 
• There will then be 2 or 3 peer led sessions where members of the group bring along something they want to discuss, seek the opinion of others, test out an idea or test some thinking. 
• It is important that every group member gets the opportunity to have an input into the discussions, to seek support from their peers and that we build trust in the group. 
• All I ask is that everyone is open to the suggestions made and are fully open with the group about the item discussed so we can give you the support you need and want. 
• The morning will be rounded off with a check in with each group member and will be followed by lunch and the opportunity to chat more with group members. – social lunches 
• There will be continued support throughout the month using a WhatsApp group or similar 
• There will be one to one support through coaching and mentoring 

Your commitment 

To always be open and honest with the group. 
To listen to others consciously and without judgement 
To bring your expertise, knowledge, wisdom, experience, and creativity to the group discussions every month. 
To commit to taking the actions from the day. 

My Commitment 

I will bring my full support, guidance, expertise, knowledge, experience, wisdom, insights, know-how and creativity to the group and individual sessions. 
I will ensure that everyone is heard. 
I will ensure that the group is a safe environment for you to be fully open about your business. 

Offer for founder members 

Monthly peer led mastermind group, a 45 minutes mid-month check in and access to a peer led group/support and plus access outside the meetings via Voxr or similar 
£450 per month  
A total investment of £2700 
If you pay in full for the six months you will receive a complimentary one to one 1/2 day strategy session  
A total investment of £2250  
A saving of £450 plus the additional strategy session 
Your minimum commitment is 6 for months with an option to extend at the end of the 6 months 
If you are interested, please complete the application form at the link below or email to book a call if you have further questions. 

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